Hidden in Plain Sight – VisDare

What’s this under all the dust?  Why, there’s still a bit of life left in this computer after all!  It’s been far too long between postings.  Part of that is due to spending more time on larger projects, but a large part is just, well, the challenges of life.  I’ve missed flash fiction, though, and always seem to be a better version of myself when doing it.

I managed to get to the VisDare prompt this week.  As always, the picture has many stories that it tries to tell.  Here’s the one that I heard.  It’s probably because I believe there’s more to the world around us than we know or admit to.  Did the creatures of fairy tales get better at hiding, or did we just stop looking for them?


(Photo by Benjamin Godard)

Hidden in Plain Sight

“Hey, man, got a cigarette?”

Walter’s attention was jarred from his concerns to the train platform, and to the homeless woman speaking.

“No. Don’t smoke. Sorry.” He tried to soften his response by meeting her eyes and giving her a small smile.

“That’s okay, man, thanks anyway. Careful of the animal people.”

Before he could stop himself, “Animal people?”

“Yeah. They were here first, and they usually look like us. They’re not, though, not at all.” The woman then drifted away through the crowd.

Walter settled into his thoughts until the train came to exchange dozens of people. Just as the doors closed, a young man leapt on and stood against one of the handrails. Only Walter seemed to notice that the man’s head was that of a large rabbit, and he spent the trip downtown trying to decide whether the woman was crazy, or if he was.


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