Greetings and Well Met!

I’ll be brief here, as this wide world contains many interesting people and places beyond just me.

My name is Bryan, and I am a bit of a wandering soul. My entire life has been one of curiosity and exploration, which has led to many interesting adventures. Along the way, I’ve been to many wonderful places, and met many amazing people. I truly believe that everyone has some beautiful element to them, even if it’s not immediately obvious. Currently, I’m generally found in Texas, in the United States. There, with my trusty lap-dog Stryder, I spend my days as a database consultant, and my nights doing anything from helping keep a local circus running smoothly to building robots to take over my little piece of the world to kayaking on a local lake.

Every now and again, with intentionally increasing frequency, I write down bits of the inspiration found in the world around me. I am trying to improve my craft, and to do so requires exposing writing to readers. This site is my opportunity to share some of that work with the world, and gratefully accept the input of any readers who are kind enough to share their responses.

And, apparently, I’ve become too wordy, as my sidekick has fallen asleep. Safe travels, and I do hope you find something here that you enjoy.

Napping Stryder

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