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Indifferent – VisDare

I’ve recently started a new adventure that has me in the downtown area of a large city often. It’s no coincidence, of course, that this week’s Visual Dare prompt fits that setting perfectly. The thing that amazes me the most as I walk those streets is how close everyone is to each other, and yet how very distant they seem to make themselves.

Ladies in the Rain

Life as a muse is very frustrating, at times. Today, people pass me by, completely indifferent to the world around them. Each one, lost in their problems, hiding dismally underneath an umbrella, trying to create distance from the city they are part of. Each holds the solution to each other’s problems, yet they just need a reason to interact, to care again. There, a blonde man in a suit desperately needs a job, and matches the accounting position that this lady still in yesterday’s blue dress has been trying to fill. They just need a push to talk to each other.
Walking up to them through the crowd, I clutch at my chest and fall helplessly between them. This may be the 13th time this week that I’ve died, but it’s still important to concentrate on the little details.
Inspiration is such a demanding business.


Undecided – VisDare

This week’s Visual Dare prompt finds me away from home, adventuring a little bit. I’ve met several wonderful people, and have explored a bit. One of the best arguments for travel and adventure, not that there is any argument in my opinion, is to see how other people live, and contemplate the choices we make and look deep at why we do things.

For today, though, it’s more than enough to get a chance to do some writing and share it.

Refracted Woman

I finish the test and slide it to the center of the cold metal table confidently. It must be a stress test, since there’s no link from ancient Phoenician trade to a security job. The beautiful woman sitting across the table must be a test, too. Dark silky hair, with deep knowing eyes that read into your soul. A water glass is between us, making a strange refraction effect seems to split her in half. It actually is hard not to giggle.
“Thank you. That will be all.” A male voice speaks, seemingly from the other side of the table. The woman hadn’t moved, or even blinked.
“We’ll be in touch. As of now, we are…undecided if you meet our needs.”
As I leave the steel room, I look at the woman staring at me. The half of her in the water glass smiles just as the door hisses shut.

Basking – VisualDare

Tonight was a wonderful opportunity to visit with some great writers. I’ll describe it further in another post, but it was very wonderful to be accepted in the conversation, and I learned some great things. Being me, it was almost just as much fun to hear the accents and voices of people from Scotland, Canada, and different parts of the States.

In the meantime, the Visual Dare prompt this week was a fun one. I’ve never been to a square with a huge bronze statue, but it would likely be a great place to rise above the crowd.

Lion Statue Seat

Every day I sit, basking in the ambiance and guarding over my land and my people. I remain vigilant against any enemies that may come. In the meantime, I do thoroughly enjoy the millings about in the square around me. Every bright spark of life that passes is a splash of color against the dismal grey clouds.
Every once in a while, though, some foolish soul tests my patience. Centuries of watchfulness, and some ignorant peasant climbs up atop my head. Me! Guardian of the realm for 150 years, and some scruffy tourist uses me as a chair.
It’s all right, though. There’s a young child with balloons across the way, and a little loss of dignity is worth not having to spoil her day.

Pensive – VisualDare

It seems that every day there’s more and more bad news, and sometimes the world seems to be falling apart at the seams. It’s not, though, any more than it always has or always will. One of the great features of art, and I’ll focus on writing, is the ability to look beyond the noise of today and into the way things that can be, both the good ways and the bad. By exploring where things might lead, and considering the effects of alternatives, maybe, just maybe, we can bring a tiny spark of sense and hope to the world around us.

Fortunately, there are several really interesting writers who take up the Visual Dare prompt every week. This week’s picture seems to reflect the effect of the world sometimes has on us, but only if we let it.

Thinking Woman

The ice clinks in my glass, like a pair of dice rolling snake eyes once again. Same sad hotel, same sad crowd on their way to nowhere, each at their own pace. I tell myself that I come here so people know where to find me. Truth is, though, I’m going nowhere either, and the scotch helps me not care about it.

Over the nearly tuned piano, I hear some new fella, Coastal accent clear and sharp. “C’mon, Doll, I want to talk to you.” I guide him away from Sally, who stares at the door, dressed for a safari.

“Let me buy you a drink instead. See, Sally doesn’t drink with anyone. Her man’s taking her away, to see the world. He went to get the car, and she’s waiting. Been 7 years now. Instead, let me tell you how I took down Freddy Three Fingers, singlehandedly.”

Obscured – VisDare

Summer is in full swing, here in the southern USA. Temperatures climb and there’s really nothing to do about it for the next few weeks. Fortunately, technology can make that easier to accept, which makes this a perfect season for staying inside and writing, at least part of the time.

This week’s Visual Dare at the Anonymous Legacy blog is a good picture. It struck me as somewhat ominous and unfriendly, but you should decide for yourself.

Smoking Man

Jasmine awakened to find that she was sitting in darkness, unable to move. Struggling briefly, her bonds refused to loosen. Her memory was unsure, and her mouth was dry from several hours of unconsciousness. Worse, she had no idea where her team was.
Light flooded in as a mask was removed. She couldn’t turn her head, but she could see that she was in a richly decorated study. Cigar smoke mixed with the vanilla smell of books, but nothing identified her location.
In front of her, a figure in an impeccable suit had just puffed out a cloud of thick smoke, obscuring their face. A deep voice came from behind the vapors. It was comforting and smooth, which terrified her. “I apologize for the treatment, but we simply must have the defense passcode. Now, we shall begin the procedure to remove it.”

Bruised – VisDare

Today is a holiday in the US, so it gives me a chance to do some extra writing. I hope that everyone has a good and safe day. I’ll stay off my soapbox, and just encourage everyone to celebrate the freedoms they have and remain wary of any attempts to restrict them. In the meantime, enjoy the fireworks and festivities and have a wonderful beginning to July.

This week, the Visual Dare prompt seems to have struck a nerve with me. The pictures are always striking, and this one is no exception.

Wiping a Tear

If I lie still, it will be over soon. It always is. I curl into a ball to protect myself as the beating continues. Time passes in its own rhythm, punches and kicks filling unknown minutes. I try not to voice the pain and anguish filling my heart. This isn’t supposed to happen. Life isn’t supposed to be this way.

Finally, the beating stops, either from exhaustion or boredom. The assailant smirks, and traces his fingers along my neck. Voice dripping with poisoned affection, he speaks. “I wish you wouldn’t behave that way, so that I didn’t have to punish you.”

Something in me hardens as my soul locks into place. Today is the day that it stops. I stand and wipe the tears from my eyes, looking steadily through cheeks puffy and bruised. No matter the outcome, never again. No more a victim. Today is my independence day.

Precarious – VisDare

I sincerely apologize for the long delay in updates, and indeed have no excuse. While life has been at times extremely hectic, the simple truth is that I haven’t been keeping up the discipline of regular updates, but aim to do better.

In that light, today is the Summer Solstice in North America. What better time to dip back into the prompts of Visual Dare and begin sharing again.

Walking on Piano

Peter was fed up with the rigid world around him. People spent their lives conforming to their roles and tasks, following the patterns laid down by generations long gone as if etched in granite. Especially in the music room.
Taskmasters watched over the boys sitting in formation each day. Posture was rigidly enforced, and where the rafters once shook to orchestrated chords, now only precise clipped notes were intoned by a dozen choked voices of ivory.
This day, Peter decided that he would feel the instrument at his command, not the Bureau’s. When no eyes were on him, the cold tones were interrupted by the coveted cacophony of misplaced notes. Standing barefoot on the keyboard, Peter’s body tingled with the vibrations never before heard rising through his legs. It took moments for him to be removed, but in all who heard, the echoes of creative freedom continued for years.