Alone – FSF

This week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt is one that I find terribly fitting this time of year. The winter is nearly upon us, with it’s darkness and chill making hermits of most of us. As much as some people have friends and family to help their spirits until the sun returns, so many others don’t. For them, this time of holiday has no cheer in it at all.


Lonely Walker moving toward sunset

When we are born, the Fates spin our lives in weaves and webs more intricate than the richest rug from the Orient. For some, their threads connect with others harmoniously, knitted together into hearths and homes, friends and family. As I wipe my sword and the dust settles from my ambush of brigands, it seems my thread only serves to tie off and end other the tapestries of others’ souls. Serving the Gods as a Dark Ranger, has led to miraculous sights and mysteries undreamt of. The most familiar sight, though, is the road stretching before me, demanding that I press on, forever alone.

4 thoughts on “Alone – FSF

  1. Robin Leigh Morgan

    Loved reading this. It sounds as if the “soldier of fortune” has finished one conquest and is now on the way to meet his next one. not knowing where or when it will materialize.

    Would love to read your comment for my endeavor for this week,


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