Bruiser – Flash Friday

I realize that it’s no longer Friday, but I’d already posted something yesterday. This week, there was wonderful picture on the Flash Friday prompt. This week, as is often the case, there are a number of wonderful takes on the prompt. Certainly enough to take an animal lover through the range of feelings. The dog looking out over the mountains reminded me of a dream that I’d had for a long time, but haven’t really pursued yet.

Dog on a mountain top

Tracks! There’s never a doubt when Bruiser picks up a scent, but it always makes Tom a little happier to see signs for himself. They’d been on the trail all day now, and Bruiser hadn’t deviated from his favorite game. This trail seems to be crossing through low hills and heading straight to a river beyond. The girl they’re looking for could have gone any number of ways, or be in any condition, but Tom and Bruiser won’t stop chasing till they reach her. Sometimes, Tom wished he could get as excited about a chase as Bruiser did. He is a yellow flash with his tail up happily, ears perked up, and living for nothing but the joy of following that trail. Even the playful yips occasionally preceding a defiant crash through the underbrush demonstrate the unbridled pleasure in a run through a beautiful afternoon. Bruiser doesn’t know that at the end of the trail is often a corpse, or even sometimes a killer. Bruiser just loves to follow the scent wherever it goes, and leap onto the lost soul. He’d certainly saved Tom years ago. A joyful angel covered in fuzzy hair and drool, finding people in the middle of nowhere after their hope has vanished into the wind.


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