Trajectory – VisDare

Unfortunately, I was too slow on writing this week’s Visual Dare flash fiction piece and couldn’t submit it to the site. However, it’s an interesting picture, and since I’d already finally gotten an idea together, it seemed a shame to not let it out into the world at all. It was a difficult idea to come up with, and I just can’t let those go to waste.

Walking amongst angles

Looking down over the launch complex, George sees the ramp moving into place. Time travel trajectories are so precise that the entire apparatus is marked with the proper angles.

He wonders if what they are doing was right. Scientists calculate alternate events, and then agents step through the portal to make small changes. They just step out of a blue flash and rewrite the world to suit us. Dr. Schnellewitz says that we are the scalpel that heals time, but some of the missions seem self serving.

This mission involves a wagon train in the 1840’s. One child grew up to be a politician, but eventually declared martial law and started several wars. Their orders are to kill the family and bring back the gold they’re carrying.

As preparations continue, a blue flash lights up the morning, and he knows that his own history is coming to an end.


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