Implore – VisDare

The last few days have seen a number of examples of synchronicity that lead me to believe, as one good friend put it, that I am indeed on the right path for me. Out of the blue, in the middle of a conversation within a khaki tower, one of my newest coworkers said they were looking for community and teachers, exactly the same sort of community and teachers that I’ve been connecting with. Also, gummy bears have shown up approximately a dozen times in person or conversation this last week, although I have no idea whatsoever how that could be meaningful.

As part of the path, though, I’m still trying hard to keep up with the weekly flash fiction prompts, such as the Visual Dare each week. Sliding in this time just under the wire, I had some fun with this one. As always, there are several other great ideas by other writers that are absolutely worth reading, and I encourage you to read as many as you can.

Most people don’t find themselves dangling from a skylight in a vault on date night. Their loss. As my husband lowers me, I pivot around the infrared lasers vigilantly protecting the art. I’m soon hanging near a lifesize bronze dancer. Amused at the positioning, I look up her tutu while disabling the alarms and attaching the sling.
I hold my breath as the statue begins to move. This is the most delicate part, where we actually learn if I was successful. Rising through the air like ascending angels, his voice comes on the radio.
“I want a divorce.” At first, my heart sinks from the shock, but shortly it’s clear that I’ve stopped rising.
“Let’s talk after we get out of here? Honey? Are you still there?” I implore, trapped above the ground. The police find us there some time later, one broken dancer and a bronze statue.

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