Stay – MWBB

This week, I managed to try the Mid Week Blues Buster challenge again. If I’m going to continue to grow and be a better me, there’s no other way than continuing to stretch and push myself. These slightly longer fiction prompts are helping me to try new things, and giving me a chance to work with things that always give me trouble, such as dialogue. I’m very grateful to the Flash fiction instigators for putting these prompts up week after week, and even more so for the various writers who see different stories unfold from the very same video or word.

This week’s Blues Buster prompt is a really powerful song, that to me felt very sad. I’m going to once again cross post my submission there, but would absolutely recommend that the rest of the stories be read, as many of them are amazingly powerful.

It’s been said that rain on a wedding day is a good omen. Standing on the porch in my tuxedo, all it seems like to me is a gloomy end. She comes out to find me, radiant in white silk draped with beads of pearl and opal, iridescent in the light streaming through the windows of the church.
“There you are! I just couldn’t do this without my Man of Honor.” she playfully scolds, fists on her hips, face beaming with love and joy.
“Be right in. Just enjoying the rain.” I turn back to look out over the lawn, green and vibrant, and past that to the graveyard.
Her heels click on the stone porch as she steps, and instead of the door closing, arms wrap around me, and I feel her head leaning on my shoulder. “Thank you for always being there for me. We’ve been together through quite a lot, haven’t we?” she says, not for the first time.
“Of course we have. It’s wonderful to see you so happy. Now go on, you’ll mess up your makeup before all the pictures, and then you’ll kill me for letting you look like you have a French Quarter hangover for your wedding.”
She laughs, with her special laugh that first caught my attention, and then my heart, years ago. From the first time I heard it across a crowd and followed it back to a beauty with golden hair and sapphire eyes, that laugh makes me feel like I’m hearing the voice of God. Since walking up to her and breathlessly introducing myself, we have been partners on a thousand adventures, thundering across the country like the wind. Yet never in that time have I been able to voice how I feel. The timing has been wrong, or maybe I’m too afraid to risk hearing the words that she doesn’t return my feelings spoken out loud. The laugh has held my heart in silent bliss for many steadfast years, and today when she weds and leaves to start a new life somewhere else, will be lost and out of my reach forever. We’ll still be friends, of course, but any future where we are together will have slipped away like rain vanishing into the grass.
“That was such a rough morning, and I still can’t drink tequila shots. Well, don’t be long.”
She squeezes me in a quick hug, before walking back to the warm light of bustling festivity. The door opens to a whirlwind of giggling glitter as last minute adjustments are made to flowers, dresses, and hair.
Quietly, I whisper as a tear rolls down my cheek. “Stay.”


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