Beauty – #FSF

The world that we are part of is an amazing place, as I keep experiencing. The downtown office complex that I’m in, full of conformity and khaki has windows that are set just right to send rainbows across the lobby every afternoon. The dog days of summer are brightened by blooming jasmine and other flowers. And let’s not forget the caravans returning from Burning Man. This week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt is all about Beauty, which I strongly believe is everywhere that we look for it.

Girl behind picture frame

The guests to the gallery meander through the displays of paintings, marveling at how realistic the pictures are. All day long, the newest exhibit in town delights the eyes and spreads beauty into the world. Amazement and awe mingle into a low hum echoing gently off of the marble walls. Ushers in bowler hats walk around, encouraging guests to keep their distance, and slapping any fingers found reaching out of the frames. Quickly distracted, the patrons shuffle along into the gift shop, buying trinkets to remember the skill of the artist that can bring such emotion to the eyes of the portraits.


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