Fearless – VisDare

There has been a large amount of change this week in the corner of the world that I’m in. Exciting things are building up, but as is often the case, not all is smooth sailing. In the midst of all that, though, I had the pleasure of introducing several people to a local rock shop and gem store. One of them is a young man about 8, I believe, and seeing him enthralled by the crystals and dirty old rocks reminded me to try to take in every adventure with wonder and joy, no matter any sharp edges we may encounter.

Which, of course, leads straight to this week’s Visual Dare prompt. I can’t even imagine what it must have taken to frame the specific picture we had to use, but that is certainly one fearless sheep.

Sheep on a table

Peeking through the keyhole, Brigitte watched the Dean’s Council dinner being set up. Meticulous details were precisely measured as shining silver symbols of order and precision were laid out all according to course and dish. Crisp linen and elegant placards draped the seats for the chosen few to dine, cement their political ambitions, and collaborate with alumni on the balance of power worldwide for the next year.
Neither Brigitte nor her woolen friend was invited to this myopic menagerie of misogynistic mongrels. Neither was the friend she had brought with her. Capitalizing on a moment when the servants were out of the room, she cracked the door just enough.
Her last glance before closing the door was a sheep standing on the table, chewing contentedly on a centerpiece, trampling placemats and scattering silver.
She’d show every last one that pretend power can be easily toppled.

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