Indifferent – VisDare

I’ve recently started a new adventure that has me in the downtown area of a large city often. It’s no coincidence, of course, that this week’s Visual Dare prompt fits that setting perfectly. The thing that amazes me the most as I walk those streets is how close everyone is to each other, and yet how very distant they seem to make themselves.

Ladies in the Rain

Life as a muse is very frustrating, at times. Today, people pass me by, completely indifferent to the world around them. Each one, lost in their problems, hiding dismally underneath an umbrella, trying to create distance from the city they are part of. Each holds the solution to each other’s problems, yet they just need a reason to interact, to care again. There, a blonde man in a suit desperately needs a job, and matches the accounting position that this lady still in yesterday’s blue dress has been trying to fill. They just need a push to talk to each other.
Walking up to them through the crowd, I clutch at my chest and fall helplessly between them. This may be the 13th time this week that I’ve died, but it’s still important to concentrate on the little details.
Inspiration is such a demanding business.


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