Learning – #FSF

I’ve recently returned home from a series of adventures in the mountains of New Mexico, specifically the Gila National Forest. If you get a chance to visit, there are some wonderful things there. Between the forests, mountains, ruins of ancient settlements, and many wonderful people of all types, it would be difficult to pick a favorite moment in the trip.

This week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt ties neatly into the many cultures and people, past and present, in that area. So often, society focuses on one specific path to knowledge, when in truth it’s the wisdom that matters, not the path.

Students Raising Hands

Cindy hated her math class, where the other kids knew the answers before her, and she was always hidden behind a sea of uplifted arms waving in the breeze of the teacher’s approval. She tried and tried, but just couldn’t see how x’s equaling y’s could lead to helping sick horses. After weeks of studying, though, she was starting to know the answers that the faster students called out, and her tests were getting better. Today, finally, the rest of the class was stumped by a question, until she hesitantly called out the right answer from the back. Surprised and almost seeing her for the first time, it seemed that even the teacher still had things to learn about the students in the class.


2 thoughts on “Learning – #FSF

  1. Nada Adel

    The line “She tried and tried, but just couldn’t see how x’s equaling y’s could lead to helping sick horses. ” had me smiling even till after I finished the piece. I HATE MATHS and chose a career path that would put me as far from it as humanly possible (then my sister decided to be an engineer and my efforts were laid to waste). Back to your piece.. I just loved it; though I rarely got the answers right and tended to just get the passing grade.

    Excellent piece! Still loving it!


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