Undecided – VisDare

This week’s Visual Dare prompt finds me away from home, adventuring a little bit. I’ve met several wonderful people, and have explored a bit. One of the best arguments for travel and adventure, not that there is any argument in my opinion, is to see how other people live, and contemplate the choices we make and look deep at why we do things.

For today, though, it’s more than enough to get a chance to do some writing and share it.

Refracted Woman

I finish the test and slide it to the center of the cold metal table confidently. It must be a stress test, since there’s no link from ancient Phoenician trade to a security job. The beautiful woman sitting across the table must be a test, too. Dark silky hair, with deep knowing eyes that read into your soul. A water glass is between us, making a strange refraction effect seems to split her in half. It actually is hard not to giggle.
“Thank you. That will be all.” A male voice speaks, seemingly from the other side of the table. The woman hadn’t moved, or even blinked.
“We’ll be in touch. As of now, we are…undecided if you meet our needs.”
As I leave the steel room, I look at the woman staring at me. The half of her in the water glass smiles just as the door hisses shut.


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