Bliss – #FSF

This week’s prompt for Five Sentence Fiction couldn’t come at a better time. I’ve been fortunate to spend the last couple days “lost” in the woods. there has been little contact with the outside world, scrambling up rocks, soaking in hot springs, and excellent time with good friends. For me, this is certainly one of the ways that bliss manifests. How does it look like to you, and how long has it been since you felt it?

Dog with cupcake

Jacob’s move to the big city was a struggle with few jobs to find, and his savings was very nearly empty. Today was a lucky day, culminating with a running catch of a $10 bill that was drifting along the street. The literal windfall was going to cheer his mood with a rare treat of a decadent cupcake from the bakery down the street. Along the way, a small puppy came up to him begging, hungry and lost, and Jacob couldn’t turn down another hard luck case. On the porch at the bakery, 2 cupcakes were set on a table, one for each of the new friends, and their eyes gleamed as they tasted the first bite of bliss.


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