Writers Bloc July Event

I had a lovely opportunity last night. It was a strange and fun blend of a good old fashioned writer’s group mixed with the marvels of modern technology. And yes, every industry has business meetings, even a hermit writing by themselves, it seems.

Thanks to a writer that I met some months ago now, I heard about a monthly Writer’s Bloc event. The short version is that we all get together on a live video chat and talked about “writer stuff”. The accurate version is that it’s great to learn from and get perspectives of different writers from all over the world, on subjects ranging through a variety of serious topics punctuated by giggles and general support and welcoming friendliness.

One often hears about “time that I won’t get back”, but this brief hour is destined to be one that will benefit me greatly for a long time. Even better, we get to do it again next month!

If you’re curious, you should jump in the water, too. Follow this link to Angie’s site to get in on invites. Writers Bloc Signup

For the new writers that I spent the evening with, thank you, and hope to see you and your work very soon.


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