Basking – VisualDare

Tonight was a wonderful opportunity to visit with some great writers. I’ll describe it further in another post, but it was very wonderful to be accepted in the conversation, and I learned some great things. Being me, it was almost just as much fun to hear the accents and voices of people from Scotland, Canada, and different parts of the States.

In the meantime, the Visual Dare prompt this week was a fun one. I’ve never been to a square with a huge bronze statue, but it would likely be a great place to rise above the crowd.

Lion Statue Seat

Every day I sit, basking in the ambiance and guarding over my land and my people. I remain vigilant against any enemies that may come. In the meantime, I do thoroughly enjoy the millings about in the square around me. Every bright spark of life that passes is a splash of color against the dismal grey clouds.
Every once in a while, though, some foolish soul tests my patience. Centuries of watchfulness, and some ignorant peasant climbs up atop my head. Me! Guardian of the realm for 150 years, and some scruffy tourist uses me as a chair.
It’s all right, though. There’s a young child with balloons across the way, and a little loss of dignity is worth not having to spoil her day.


4 thoughts on “Basking – VisualDare

  1. Lyn

    Aha! A take of a different nature. If I remember rightly, all the stories have been from the point of view of the sittee, rather than the one sat upon.
    I’m glad the lion likes children – and not to eat either. Good one…I like this.

    1. theroguetinker Post author

      I’m glad you liked the perspective. Thanks for reading. I’ve usually found that true guardians tend to have huge kind hearts, so I’m glad it came through.


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