Limitless – #FSF

We all have good days and bad days. Tough day at work? Friends do something mean? While those may be true and real, many people have things much worse. One strong young lady that I know is fighting her way through a very serious illness. She has days of strength where she takes the world on in her terms, and other days are sad and scary. And yet, she remains strong and positive and cares about the other people around her. If I ever am faced with truly bad days like that, I hope that I can face them with such strength and character. In the meantime, though, the traffic jam just doesn’t seem that important.

When I saw the prompt for this week’s Five Sentence Fiction, her situation came to mind. Sincerely, I do hope that you all live a limitless life.

Skydiver on a Mountain

Roger looks down at the rocky crag below, and tests the safety gear one more time. The cool mountain wind blows hints of pine and sage between his bare scalp and the helmet. Remembering all that happened over the last several months, the harness pulls at the wound in his upper chest. Grinning darkly, he remembers a time when he would have been scared of his crushed bones lying in a heap amongst the fire lilies and boulders. As he leaps into the sapphire blue sky, he thinks that cancer may yet kill him, but until then, he is indeed limitless.


9 thoughts on “Limitless – #FSF

  1. talesgalore

    It is sad, it is fateful, but it is human!

    We are potentiality limitless, and that is our power!

    Very well written, I like it!


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