Wisdom – #FSF

There are a lot of things that most of us do and believe that are based on old structures and cultural norms. One of the wonderful things about the arts is the ability to gently draw attention so that people can think about their behavior and attitudes. In little ways, one person at a time, amazing change can take hold and forever change our culture.

I confess to having a hard time finding a story to go with this week’s Five Sentence Fiction. The picture is wonderful, but nothing came easily. Eventually, something came to life, though.

Fruits of Learning

Nina reached along the library shelf, touching each of her beloved tomes with tender care, before finally selecting some light Physics reading for the evening. She loved exploring the different worlds within the covers, from the vast reaches of space to the tiniest of Avogadro’s atoms. Every day, she feasted on the knowledge in these books, being nourished as surely as if fruit sprouted directly from the pages. Turning the page to her favorite section, Ballistics, she dreamed of a day she would ride in the nose of one of the rockets exploring the heavens. Let the boys grow up to fight the alien menace, she was happy, for Science was woman’s work.


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