Pensive – VisualDare

It seems that every day there’s more and more bad news, and sometimes the world seems to be falling apart at the seams. It’s not, though, any more than it always has or always will. One of the great features of art, and I’ll focus on writing, is the ability to look beyond the noise of today and into the way things that can be, both the good ways and the bad. By exploring where things might lead, and considering the effects of alternatives, maybe, just maybe, we can bring a tiny spark of sense and hope to the world around us.

Fortunately, there are several really interesting writers who take up the Visual Dare prompt every week. This week’s picture seems to reflect the effect of the world sometimes has on us, but only if we let it.

Thinking Woman

The ice clinks in my glass, like a pair of dice rolling snake eyes once again. Same sad hotel, same sad crowd on their way to nowhere, each at their own pace. I tell myself that I come here so people know where to find me. Truth is, though, I’m going nowhere either, and the scotch helps me not care about it.

Over the nearly tuned piano, I hear some new fella, Coastal accent clear and sharp. “C’mon, Doll, I want to talk to you.” I guide him away from Sally, who stares at the door, dressed for a safari.

“Let me buy you a drink instead. See, Sally doesn’t drink with anyone. Her man’s taking her away, to see the world. He went to get the car, and she’s waiting. Been 7 years now. Instead, let me tell you how I took down Freddy Three Fingers, singlehandedly.”


3 thoughts on “Pensive – VisualDare

  1. zookyworld

    A sad scenario here, and precisely perceived. I like your descriptions: the “nearly tuned piano,” the scotch helps the narrator not care. Well written.


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