Short Story Contest for Tor

The stories of Alchemy throughout the ages are all about combining powerful ingredients and ending up with something magical in the end. Such combinations aren’t always just a story, though. It seems that this year Tor Books, Scientific American, and the National University of Singapore all got mixed together. Where someone found a mixing bowl that big, I’ll never know. What came out, though, is the Quantum Shorts 2013 flash fiction contest, and they’re taking submissions.

Quantum theory is all about how the normal rules don’t apply when we look at small enough things. There is teleporting, cloning, and little tiny critters that are really tricky to figure out both where they are and where they’re going at the same time. Write a story for their contest, and all that could come together to form gold in your pocket.

So, if you’re interested in submitting, or reading the stories that people come up with, check out their site.

Quantum Shorts 2013


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