Locked – #FSF

This week, the world around me is cloudy and stormy, and one might even say gloomy. The unusual storms are bringing a delightful rest from the summer heat, and making the plants around far greener than they would normally be. I’m personally a very big fan of playing in the summer showers, even though my fuzzy canine buddy doesn’t enjoy the thunder as much. I hope that wherever you are, any storms in your life are temporary and leave behind nourishment to grow new and wonderful things.

Speaking of wonderful things, this week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt is a wonderful picture with a lot of texture and curiosity.

Locked Door

Young William and Carissa stared up at the locked wooden door, the one that held magic and dreams. Their grandfather, with stories and trophies from far off lands, had told them so in fireside stories for years, and even on his deathbed. Day after day, they waited, wishing to see inside, for surely there were dragon eggs and pirate treasure. A voice called them from the kitchen, sending them grudgingly back to their chores. The door stayed closed yet one more day, rattling as they passed, with hinges unbound and unnoticed due to such focus on the shining lock which seemed to bar entry.


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