Obscured – VisDare

Summer is in full swing, here in the southern USA. Temperatures climb and there’s really nothing to do about it for the next few weeks. Fortunately, technology can make that easier to accept, which makes this a perfect season for staying inside and writing, at least part of the time.

This week’s Visual Dare at the Anonymous Legacy blog is a good picture. It struck me as somewhat ominous and unfriendly, but you should decide for yourself.

Smoking Man

Jasmine awakened to find that she was sitting in darkness, unable to move. Struggling briefly, her bonds refused to loosen. Her memory was unsure, and her mouth was dry from several hours of unconsciousness. Worse, she had no idea where her team was.
Light flooded in as a mask was removed. She couldn’t turn her head, but she could see that she was in a richly decorated study. Cigar smoke mixed with the vanilla smell of books, but nothing identified her location.
In front of her, a figure in an impeccable suit had just puffed out a cloud of thick smoke, obscuring their face. A deep voice came from behind the vapors. It was comforting and smooth, which terrified her. “I apologize for the treatment, but we simply must have the defense passcode. Now, we shall begin the procedure to remove it.”


2 thoughts on “Obscured – VisDare

  1. zookyworld

    Dark and mysterious scene here … one that makes me wonder about what happened before this, and that last line certainly makes me wonder what happens next.


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