Flight – #FSF

it’s hard to keep a pace of wonder and new friends going, but somehow this week has been able to keep the spirit alive and the circle growing.

This week’s Five Sentence Fiction was a very colorful one, referencing toward the Independence Day holiday that just happened here in the US. It brought to mind summers of old on bleachers with blankets and friends whose paths went a different way. It also brought to mind all those things that go with summer: picnics, fireworks, and new love.


Completely oblivious to the crowd, his heart beat out a staccato that almost covered the butterflies in his stomach. She leaned against him, warm skin light enough in the darkness to contrast the dark hair being toyed with by a whispered breeze. As she turned to look at him, head slightly tilted invitingly, he couldn’t resist any longer. Leaning in, he kissed her gently, nervously, breathless with anticipation and anxiety. The flight of fireworks overhead was a dull shadow of the new love which held them in thrall.


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