View – #FSF

Once again, adventure has kept me away from the computer for a few days. In this case, we were visited by a shaman from Nepal. A wonderful man, and he was kind enough to share his experiences and humor with many people, expanding our community and helping us keep building good things in the area.

I believe that I’m just under the wire on this week’s Five Sentence Fiction, which was a wonderful picture and prompt.

Mountain Window

Silhouetted against the picture window, Wilhelm looked out over the mountains. Snow gleamed off the mountains in the distance, but the trees close to the house cast shadows on the earthy loam left by years of undisturbed leaves. In the distance, he thought he saw movement, but couldn’t be sure whether it was her or if the Trackers had finally found him. The shape became an antelope leaping from the bushes, completely out of character for the time of day. Wilhelm calmly stepped away to check on the defenses of his cabin, resolved to defend his secrets against whomever came up the hill.


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