Bruised – VisDare

Today is a holiday in the US, so it gives me a chance to do some extra writing. I hope that everyone has a good and safe day. I’ll stay off my soapbox, and just encourage everyone to celebrate the freedoms they have and remain wary of any attempts to restrict them. In the meantime, enjoy the fireworks and festivities and have a wonderful beginning to July.

This week, the Visual Dare prompt seems to have struck a nerve with me. The pictures are always striking, and this one is no exception.

Wiping a Tear

If I lie still, it will be over soon. It always is. I curl into a ball to protect myself as the beating continues. Time passes in its own rhythm, punches and kicks filling unknown minutes. I try not to voice the pain and anguish filling my heart. This isn’t supposed to happen. Life isn’t supposed to be this way.

Finally, the beating stops, either from exhaustion or boredom. The assailant smirks, and traces his fingers along my neck. Voice dripping with poisoned affection, he speaks. “I wish you wouldn’t behave that way, so that I didn’t have to punish you.”

Something in me hardens as my soul locks into place. Today is the day that it stops. I stand and wipe the tears from my eyes, looking steadily through cheeks puffy and bruised. No matter the outcome, never again. No more a victim. Today is my independence day.


9 thoughts on “Bruised – VisDare

  1. The Real Cie

    One of my aunts was married for 25 years to a man who beat her. He also messed about with his daughters and nieces. Myself included, I suspect, but I was very young when it happened so I don’t have any full memories of the abuse.

  2. TheImaginator

    Another dark story of abuse, but I like the bit at the end where she decides to put a stop to it.


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