Blades – #FSF

This was a very lush prompt from Five Sentence Fiction. Personally, it makes me want to run barefoot through the grass and lounge under a tree while the fireflies dance. It turns out that it might not be entirely safe, though.

Grass Blades

She crouched in the grass, flexing her claws and eager to attack her prey. Waiting till the time was right, she almost lost her focus as the summer breeze nudged the verdant blades of grass across the tip of her nose. Fighting the urge to sneeze, she tensed her haunches, digging her back feet into the rich dark earth. She launched from her hiding place, converting tension into motion like a spring. With the loudest “Rawr!” she could muster, the tiny ball of velvet fur attacked the unguarded shoe proudly while her humans sat nearby, unaware of the danger that it posed.


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