Precarious – VisDare

I sincerely apologize for the long delay in updates, and indeed have no excuse. While life has been at times extremely hectic, the simple truth is that I haven’t been keeping up the discipline of regular updates, but aim to do better.

In that light, today is the Summer Solstice in North America. What better time to dip back into the prompts of Visual Dare and begin sharing again.

Walking on Piano

Peter was fed up with the rigid world around him. People spent their lives conforming to their roles and tasks, following the patterns laid down by generations long gone as if etched in granite. Especially in the music room.
Taskmasters watched over the boys sitting in formation each day. Posture was rigidly enforced, and where the rafters once shook to orchestrated chords, now only precise clipped notes were intoned by a dozen choked voices of ivory.
This day, Peter decided that he would feel the instrument at his command, not the Bureau’s. When no eyes were on him, the cold tones were interrupted by the coveted cacophony of misplaced notes. Standing barefoot on the keyboard, Peter’s body tingled with the vibrations never before heard rising through his legs. It took moments for him to be removed, but in all who heard, the echoes of creative freedom continued for years.


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