Diverge – VisDare

This week’s Visual Dare is another reminder of a theme that’s been heavily present in my life the last week or so. It’s always comforting to know that as things transition and end, new beginnings are always right around the corner.

Wagon Hearse

He’d always promised to take her back home to the town they grew up in. Now, 67 years of wars and work had taken them to cities far from the sleepy town. No matter how their plans diverged, nothing could separate them. Even after she fell ill, he wouldn’t leave her side. Finally, she reached the point where travelling could hurt her no longer, and they were finally separated.
Now, he finally was fulfilling his promise to her, taking her home. As he drove the wagon through the forest, he smiled at the day that she would have loved. A spring shower had brought out the jasmine, and the birds sang playfully, mindless of the road below them.
His reminiscence was interrupted by pain in his chest, and as the wagon veered off the road, he rejoined his loving wife to be together until the end of time.


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