Climbing – VisDare

This afternoon, there is rain near me, so this week’s Visual Dare prompt is a nice change of scenery.

People in a Tree

“Have you ever been flying?” asks the young man ahead of me in line.
“Only with the airlines. Why do you ask?”
“A bunch of us are going flying. Wanna come?” He points out the window of the station to an oak, where almost a dozen people are in the branches.
“No…I don’t think so. Thanks, though.” I start to wonder if the kid is crazy. Something about him makes me curious, though. I go with him and watch as he greets the others and climbs right up.
“Come on! You have to hurry, before the sun sets.”
I just shake my head and wonder what the joke is. As the sun sets, they reach out their arms and gently lift off into the night. I remain behind, solidly on the ground, in amazement.
The young man drifts nearby and yells out. “Should’ve believed. There’s always tomorrow!”


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