Accident – #FSF

There are times that life just seems too short, and too fragile. All our big dreams that we put off until tomorrow can be pushed aside by the unexpected. So, I can only encourage everyone to live every moment to the fullest, because we never know when it’s all up. That’s been on my mind as I work with this week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt. Sometimes, one little Accident can completely change everything in the blink of an eye.

Upturned Bicycle

Today, after all these years, is the birthday of Mitchell’s one true love, and as an adult, she can finally leave the small town on the day’s only train with him. Instead of going to the mill like normal, or the bar, her father waited unexpectedly at the house until he saw Mitchell and chased him for coming near the house. Giving the girl time to escape to the train station, he stole a new Penny Farthing bicycle as he passed and began pedaling for the train station. All was working out until ruts caught the front tire, stopping the top heavy bicycle abruptly, and sending his body crashing to the ground in a heap with all his dreams. Lying in the dust, the scrapes could not compare to the break in his heart as he heard the train whistle blowing on the way out of town.


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