Goggles – #FSF

This week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt, which is always fun, is tied into the Dirty Goggles Blog Hop, so it’s 2 great things combined into something even cooler. If you’re remotely interested in SteamPunk, DieselPunk, or just good people writing fun things, check it out.

In the meantime, though, here are my 5 sentences about Goggles.

Gears and Dirty Goggles

As Ysabelle rummaged through the parts box to try to scavenge enough working material to keep the airship’s fan turning, she could feel every chore she’d ever performed since coming on board caked to her skin. Tiny teeth on the gears gnashed her skin as she crawled up to her waist through cogs and bolts and brass fittings that even she couldn’t identify. On finding a set of bearings that might fit, she stood up carefully, being sure not to disturb the binding hiding her curves from her crewmates. The people of the skies weren’t such sticklers as those trapped on land, but there were still things women just didn’t do, like understand the complexities of steam and steel. Feeling a drop of grease leaking from a worn gasket drop onto her ear and then run down inside the neck of her coverall where she couldn’t reach to scratch, all she could think of was that it might actually be worth it to be civilized for a day, just to have a bath, but then she got back to work with enthusiasm.


12 thoughts on “Goggles – #FSF

  1. dragonsflypoppy

    I like this! I’m intrigued – do goggles mean something different in american? Like cogs? Only in UK they are eye-wear, which is how I interpreted mine πŸ™‚

    1. dragonsflypoppy

      Think I might have got confused! Sorry! I don’t really understand what Dieselpunk is, so couldn’t really see the goggle connection! Sorry! I’m hopeless! πŸ™‚

      1. theroguetinker Post author

        No problem at all! I hadn’t actually mentioned the word “goggles”, just saw her wearing some to keep the various dirt out of her face there. The Steampunk genre is heavily themed with goggles and clockwork cogs, so I must have somewhat equated them all. As for what Diselpunk is, check out the Dirty Goggles blog hop for some really great information on it, although it’s a tricky and very subjective matter. And if that doesn’t work, just message me, and I’ll try to explain it even further.

    2. theroguetinker Post author

      Thank you for reading, and they’re eye-wear in American English as well. Even though I didn’t manage to mention them, they’re such a staple in Steampunk genres that my mind’s eye skipped them and saw more about the overall situation.


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