Festival – #FSF

This week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt really gave me some trouble, surprisingly. It’s a good prompt, but I couldn’t zero in on a specific scene or moment to distill down into 5 sentences. I have to really imagine clearly to pack enough detail and hint of more into such a small space. Which, if I were to guess, is precisely why it’s such a good tool and exercise.

Since i stayed with the carnival or circus theme, it’s only fair to direct this to the invisible carnies, stage techs, and support teams everywhere that make the festivals of the arts or circus possible. I know who you are, behind the lights, as I’ve been one of you. I’ve actually spent some time helping behind the scenes at a small circus myself. And now, without further ado, in the center ring…


Festival Ferris Wheel

Lights and sounds fill the night, the square so full of elemental joy that it spills out into the city around it. Late into the evening, the crowds thin as the casual explorers return to the safety of their normalcy and listen to the evening news while resting with treasured stuffed animals. Eventually, the lights turn off, the music boxes stop their jovial assault, and the residents of the kaleidoscope collect together to take their ease and calm their energies from an evening of the spotlight. Behind, in the darkness, as the laughter and companionship ventures into the night for adventure to consume, a lone figure counts the ticket money, sweeps the floors, and keeps everything in line for another day of seamless movement. Wistfully, he looks after the others as he sets his shoulders to his tasks, knowing that even those in the spotlight are consumers, and that the foundation of the festival never sees the light that it supports.


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