Inspect – VisDare

There’s something infectious about curiosity and exploration, and it’s a shame that so many of us lose most of that as we get older. Whether it’s because we get jaded, or we begin to think we know all the answers of raindrops and refraction and stop simply admiring the rainbow, who can really say?

This week’s Visual Dare has a good picture showing that curiosity in action.

Girl looking at Fish

“Hey, Grandpa?” the small voice rose up in the air, buoyed by pride.
“Yeah, Sweet Pea?”
“You know how you said a fish took your finger? Well, I checked, and it wasn’t this one. We’ll find it one day, though.”
Chuckling, the salty haired old man hugged her. “Thanks for checking.”
“Oh look! A dragonfly!”
She was filled with such innocence, such youth. To her, what happened so long ago was the same as having something like her lunch money taken away. He’d never be the one to tear the innocence away from her, but of all the men on the ship that night, he was the only one still alive. He’d given up hunting the shark. It wouldn’t bring his crew back or stop the ache in his hand when the rains came.
Most importantly, though, he wouldn’t risk losing the precious life he’d built afterward.


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