Cat’s World – VisDare

Good morning! It’s long been a theory on the internet that cats are plotting to kill us all and take over the world. In this week’s Visual Dare prompt, it seems that they’ve succeeded in one small corner, at least.

Stalking Cats

There’s something not right about Old Man Winslow’s house. People don’t like to go past, not because he’s into the Voodoo, that’s no secret. Heck, he even uses a shrunken head as a gear shifter in his truck. No, it’s that other thing: all the cats. No matter what time of day, they’re there, just staring at you. Nobody ever seems to complain, but at night, all those glowing eyes are just spooky.
Still, I wouldn’t worry about it. They seem to like it over there, and can’t really blame them. Have you ever tried his barbecue? He won’t tell anyone what herbs and spices he uses, but he’s giving it to folks all the time. But the cats, if you want to be friends with him, you’ll need to get through them. I just wouldn’t make any jokes about the restaurant across town, if you get my meaning.


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