Shadows – FSF

I’ve missed an entire week of Flash Fiction, unfortunately. On the bright side, though, I’ve made progress on some other goals, but have definitely missed getting out ideas and playing with words. My sincere apologies to everyone.

However, to get the ball rolling again, this week’s Five Sentence Fiction is just posted, and I really enjoyed it.

Shadows on the Wall

Yvette and Wilhelm, young and in love, couldn’t help but spend the day dancing and playing in the sunshine. Carefree, and on top of the world, they had the whole of the universe to explore and enjoy now that they’d found each other again. The only part of each that wasn’t a chromatic cascade was their shadow, merely a reflection of their true selves but with only a bit of life. These shadows, with wrinkles to show a punch line to a story held dear, had become stooped from carrying a lifetime filled with wonderful memories. Soon, the ageless lovers will be finished with their playing here, leave these shadows behind, and try new adventures somewhere else.


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