Normalcy – VisDare

This week was a bit of a challenge in the Visual Dare Flash Fiction prompt. I’m sure the real story behind the picture is extremely interesting itself, but can’t wait to see how it inspires everyone’s imagination, too.

Duck and Dame

With a screech, the main engine gave into the battle damage. Sparks flew across the compartment, brighter than the warning lights all around.
“Yeah, we’re done. No keeping us out of the star now.” A resigned male voice came out of a maintenance hatch marked by a pair of legs sticking out.
“No, wait. If we skip the drive controls completely, and route everything to the stove’s regulator, it should work. Just bring me the cables.” The voice from the crew compartment was almost excited.
“What? Sounds like a sure way to get us broiled. That’s crazy. That’s…a Dame walking a duck down Main Street crazy.”
“No, it’ll work. Trust me.” The confident voice was reassuring.
Shaking his head, the skeptical Engineer carried cables to the door. “If this works, I’ve got to see it, Larkin. And, I’ll even buy you a bottle of your favorite hooch.”


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