Words – #FSF

This week on Five Sentence Fiction, we had a prompt that is kind of automatically dear to many of us: Words. And the image prompt is fun as well, one of the the Bard himself, built with his very own words.

Shakespeare Words

The crazy old man with the ragged clothes and stupid grin is standing on the corner directly between my house and office again, talking at anyone who gets close.

“Life, all of life and everything around you, it’s just Words, man. Buildings and people, jobs and chores, the very concrete under your feet…Things built from Ideas built from Inspiration…built of Words. Change your Words, my friends, and you can do anything, be anything, go anywhere!”

As I pass his bizarre sermon behind, a little seed of sense seems hidden in his madness, and I decide to see just what adding the word Success to my day brings about.


10 thoughts on “Words – #FSF

  1. jenlefeverwood

    You are right. This word prompt should have hit a home, somewhere, for all of us writers! AND… I LOVE this piece!!! The secone part is fabulous!! I would like to quote that on my blog, may I? I will give you proper credit of course, and link back to this post. It is a fantastic quote.. I’m just in love with it!! XoXo… ~ Jen

      1. jenlefeverwood

        Oh my.. thank you!! Thank you!! LIke I said, I’ll link you up to my post.. I’m excited!! Super great words!! I’m glad I found you!! I have enjoyed reading around your space today!! XoXo ~ Jen

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