Flame – FSF

I thought I’d dawdled too long and missed this week’s window for playing in Five Sentence Fiction. Not so, though!

This week, we have an exciting picture that brings back a couple old memories from South Dakota.

Prompt: Flame

Forest Fire

I look defiantly across the valley, and the fire looks directly back, ravenous. It stretches from tree to exploding tree, devouring all that it passes to grow from one tiny spark. There is a hellish majesty in the flaring jewels of just engulfed brush, taunting tongues of flame reaching for new tastes, and the many glowing eyes of coals staring out into the night. We’ve been dancing for many years now, and she still keeps me wary and respectful of her sudden fury. Tonight, though, as I hurriedly shovel a break to stop any further destruction, my mistress shall not pass my lines into the town.

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