Atmospheric – VisDare

I apologize for the unexpected gap in posting. I have, unfortunately, been under the weather for the last week or. Nearly mended, though, and just barely in time.

This week at Anonymous Legacy, the Visual Dare took on a bit of a spooky twist.


“Don’t go on the old Stump Bridge during a full moon. The Witch will turn you into a stump, forever!” Everyone knew that.
Michael didn’t care, though. He was in love, and he was going to show Margaret with the Golden Hair just how brave he was. He was in love, just wanted her to notice him, like a hero in the stories. The bullies heard him tell her, though, and laughed. “You? You’re just a little baby. Let the Witch take you. Nobody here wants you!”
Tears ran down his face, as he picked up the contents of his spilled backpack. Margaret wasn’t laughing, but she was too afraid to stop the taunting.
The next morning, she found wildflowers on her front step. Years later, she still felt guilty but kept the dried bouquet. She knew they were from Michael, but she’d never seen him after that day.

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