#FSF – Conquer

This week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt was a good one, Conquer, with a fun picture. Lots of ideas went through my head, but when it came time to write one down, something else came out entirely.

Sun Sillhouette Conquerer

With an echoing crash, the pile of lumber that should come together into a “Child’s Fort Play Area” collapses into a heap, with one nut rolling mockingly across the ground to settle at my feet. After a brief discussion of the parentage of the designer, the instructions are again consulted, for attempt number 8. I need to finish before Thomas returns from his visit to his mother’s. He deserves this one little thing from me after everything he’s gone through. Once again, I start with Tab A, until finally as the sun is setting hours later, Captain Tom’s Pirate Base is complete, flag waving, and I’m ready for him to finally be home.

5 thoughts on “#FSF – Conquer

  1. JazzBumpa

    I’ve put together a couple of these play-scapes, and know it’s very easy to go wrong.
    Been down the divorce route, too, so I understand that as well.

    Nicely done little story, and an excellent take on the prompt



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