Romancing the Books in Bedford, TX

This weekend is an event that sounds very interesting. On top of that, it sounds like an excellent chance at honing your writing craft, or just stalking some really wonderful writers.

It’s called Romancing the Books, and is being held on Saturday, March 23. Here’s a link to the Bedford Library Friends site, and I’ll have to watch their page. Not only do they have events like this, but there’s at least a short story contest as well. I just found their site, so haven’t made it through everything yet.

This weekend’s event is, to blatantly paraphrase: a daylong celebration of authors and their books, with readings, workshops, signings and giveaways.

The list of authors is what really caught my attention. Several of the people on the list have been warm and friendly to me, even without knowing the shy guy trying to find words that don’t sound stupid. The rest, I just haven’t met yet, but hope to this weekend.

You should definitely go. Whether it’s to support local authors, or become a better author yourself, or just go spend the day in the library.


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