Waiting – VisDare

This week’s Visual Dare considered the aspects of waiting, and gave us a lovely picture to play with as well.

Please play along, and enjoy the other wonderful ideas on their linked sites.

Waiting in the Church

It was long since the priests bothered her as she came to sit in the chapel. Margaret had stopped expecting him to walk in the door, but maintained her vigil on the 1st of every month. They had agreed to meet there if they were separated. After the fire, she had never seen him again. The chapel was decorated for a wedding today, and full of joy.

While she waited, she watched as people prayed for forgiveness, strength, or hope. She knew she was worthy of none of those.

Surprisingly, “The Lord always provides what we need, in His own time.” came from behind her. A hooded priest had come up to her. This one must be new, for she didn’t recognize his deep voice.

She smiled and thanked him emptily as he walked away. No, she thought, the Lord didn’t need to provide, she’d take care of it herself.

4 thoughts on “Waiting – VisDare

  1. Sarah

    I’d love to know who the hooded priest was – I’d like to think it was him after all but she just didn’t recognise him.
    As for “God’s own time” in my experience it never seems to match my own!
    A great piece of writing, melancholy and yet I’m sure something exciting could be just around the corner…it fits my current mood x

    1. theroguetinker Post author

      Thanks! I’m glad, I think, that it touched your mood. 🙂
      That’s one of my favorite part of these flash fiction submissions: So much room for expansion.

  2. Angela Goff (@Angela_Goff)

    Hmmm. I’d like a peek inside that monk’s hood too…somehow the words carried stronger meaning for me, as though hope was right around the corner. Whether or no, it seems that the waiting person is on the brink of…something. Love how the momentum builds even though there’s no overt action sequence. Well done!!


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