This week on the Visual Dare Blog, we were given a fun prompt. There are several good responses to it, and here is my inspiration.

Snails on Parade

The dark wizard pointed his wand at me, menacingly. Sneering as the locked gate blocks me, I can’t stop him from completing the spell. I’d followed him from the tomb in the desert, to the University where a young professor had translated the scroll, and finally here. Not in time, though, to stop him from summoning an ancient evil. A Curse to Devour all Living Things, and he was setting it loose here in the Arboretum. One last flourish and the final words, and the ground swells like a blister. With a wet pop, it opens to release what can only be hordes of evil. Snails pour out, very, very slowly. Hundreds of them, forming a ring of slime as they slowly descend onto the foliage.

I laugh, and as I go looking for some salt, I call out “Should have found a better translator!”.

1 thought on “Whimsy

  1. Angela Goff (@Angela_Goff)

    O goodness! I’m positive I left a comment here a couple days ago….?

    Love the structure of this story: hints of previous adventures, all given in a way that suggests rapid pacing throughout. Somber, sinister – then that last line. Well crafted! Welcome to the VisDare family!!!


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